Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fun things

Cupcake just re-read her previous post.

Yeah...don't listen to me when I post anything after midnight. If I'm up in the middle of the night and sitting at the computer, it means I'm restless and have no outlet for my restlessness. Angst is trite but effective. Sorry to drone at you, folks.

These have actually been quite happy weeks for your Cupcake. She's been working on a new project which is interesting to her, and hanging out with fun people. Earlier this week, in fact, she went to lunch with Cool Friends In The Film Industry who are in from LA. To her surprise, they brought along an Extreeeeeeeeemely Influential Person. Cupcake spent the rest of the week dining out on Lively Anecdotes revolving around Lunch With The Extreeeeeeeeeemely Influential Person. And she's been having a lot of fun with her friends.

So rest assured, concerned Readers (I guess that's you, Brandon, darling)that the Bayonne Bridge plays a limited role in the general show of Cupcake's life.

There's a funny story I want to tell you but I'm too lazy to type it out at the moment. (It's not a Lively Anecdote revolving around the Extreeeeemely Influential Person. But that's only because, from the nature of the anecdote, you'd guess who the person was. While I love name-dropping in real life, it seems tawdry to boast on the internet, or to divulge the whereabouts and dining preferences of someone of that stature.)

At any rate-- sorry about that glum posting. I'd delete it but deleting entries simply out of embarassment strikes me as cheating. So I'll sit with my own shame in my nocturnal melancoly and hope you'll put it down to poetic temperament, not emotional self-indulgence, even if they are pretty darn close to the same thing.


Blogger cosmic shambles said...

Let me guess... it was either the guy from "Napoleon Dynamite" or OPRAH!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Edgar said...

You're implying that Extreeeemely Influential Person is also a famous one, since yuou're afraid readers might find out his identity from an anecdote. I'm reluctant about that kind of contacts, but i wish you the best anyway.

1:55 PM  
Blogger mysterygirl! said...

I just spent some time looking at past posts, including your Winding Roads of the Heart post. A lot of great writing here. ("As though my love for them preceded my awareness that they actually were alive."-- what a lovely line. I can relate.)

8:16 PM  

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