Sunday, October 22, 2006

Winter Coats and Animal Facts

Hello, Readers.

Today, Cupcake went to meet a friend. To Cupcake's surprise, the friend showed up in a Winter Coat.

Recently, the weather has been capricious. On brisk days, Cupcake has here and there espied the occasional Winter Coat on the sidewalks of Jersey City and Manhattan. But today was this seasons first face-to-face encounter with a Winter Coat, which is undeniable proof that yes, Winter is upon us.

Cupcake discovered that this encounter with Old Man Winter (in his disguise as her friends grey wool coat) wasn't as bad as she'd anticipated. It was rather like turning thirty: having long braced herself against its inevitability, she found that once it occured- there was actually something enjoyable about it.

And so we beat on, boats against the current....

Cupcake also wants to apologize for the long weeks between her postings. When you don't hear from her, it usually means that Cupcake is keeping busy and happy. Perhaps, reader, you guessed that already, having already noticed that Cupcake frequently uses this blog to compensate for her not playing the piano. Meaning that, if she did play the piano, Cupcake's pretty sure that many of her late-night angst-ridden postings would have showed up as thirty minutes of Beethhoven pounded vehemently out into the night.

Then, Cupcake's angst would have drifted like bubbles into the night, leaving, a few seconds later, no evidence of their ever having been, rather than sticking around on her blog to make Cupcake roll her eyes at her own occasional penchant for melodrama.

Nevertheless, there must be a reason that Cupcake never learned to play the piano and turned out to be someone who bangs away at a typewriter keyboard instead. Perhaps it’s that she likes leaving a paper trail (because she's thorough) though she squirms at that trails entrapment(because she's a commitmentphobe).

However, today,-- perhaps out of guilt for not having posted in several weeks, Cupcake has decided to entertain and edify her readers with a few Fascinating Animal Facts. As Cupcake delights in obscure facts, she believes everyone else does too. So here are some interesting zoological tidbits to titillate you until time passes enough that Cupcake posts again. (Perhaps that will even be before all this year’s Winter Coats have been put away.)

Fascinating Animal Facts:

- the tongue of a blue whale weighs as much as a Volkswagon.

- urination is not an instinct in rats.

- The first thing a baby giraffe experiences is a six foot drop to the ground.

- In Malasia, a breed of boar has horns that wrap around its head like Princess Leia. The horns grow for the boar’s entire life. If the boar lives long enough, avoiding being prey to man or other animals, surviving drought or flash flood, earthquake or any other natural disaster or illness—it will eventual die from its horns impaling themselves into its brain.l

- The intelligence of an elephant is 90% learned and 10% instinct.

- The dog sat on the tucker box nine mines from Gundagai.

That last one is a shout out to my Aussie readership. I have been to Gundagai, so you can count that I fact-checked the assertion, at least so far as a sculpture memorial and a plaque count as fact-checking. Austalia rocks!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fun things

Cupcake just re-read her previous post.

Yeah...don't listen to me when I post anything after midnight. If I'm up in the middle of the night and sitting at the computer, it means I'm restless and have no outlet for my restlessness. Angst is trite but effective. Sorry to drone at you, folks.

These have actually been quite happy weeks for your Cupcake. She's been working on a new project which is interesting to her, and hanging out with fun people. Earlier this week, in fact, she went to lunch with Cool Friends In The Film Industry who are in from LA. To her surprise, they brought along an Extreeeeeeeeemely Influential Person. Cupcake spent the rest of the week dining out on Lively Anecdotes revolving around Lunch With The Extreeeeeeeeeemely Influential Person. And she's been having a lot of fun with her friends.

So rest assured, concerned Readers (I guess that's you, Brandon, darling)that the Bayonne Bridge plays a limited role in the general show of Cupcake's life.

There's a funny story I want to tell you but I'm too lazy to type it out at the moment. (It's not a Lively Anecdote revolving around the Extreeeeemely Influential Person. But that's only because, from the nature of the anecdote, you'd guess who the person was. While I love name-dropping in real life, it seems tawdry to boast on the internet, or to divulge the whereabouts and dining preferences of someone of that stature.)

At any rate-- sorry about that glum posting. I'd delete it but deleting entries simply out of embarassment strikes me as cheating. So I'll sit with my own shame in my nocturnal melancoly and hope you'll put it down to poetic temperament, not emotional self-indulgence, even if they are pretty darn close to the same thing.